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True core health and Fitness provides Coaching services to individuals who are seeking to grow in their mental, spiritual, and physical health.



Amy Shenk Morrison, MA, LPCC

Counselor at southwest Counseling Associates


Counselor | Coach | Trainer


About Amy

I am a fellow traveler, a companion for your life's trials and adventures. I am passionate about journeying alongside you as you pursue healing, growth, and change. I enjoy talking about the intersection of mental health and physical fitness, so in addition to being a counselor I am also a personal trainer and fitness instructor. On any given day you will find me reading or writing at a local coffee shop, going for a quick workout at my favorite gym, or spending quality time with friends and family. 


Counseling approach and services

True Core Counseling has been born out of a passion for holistic health. I believe that change happens when all areas of a client's life are addressed and discussed. Connecting to your True Core is about living to your fullest potential. I value deep, therapeutic conversations where clients can feel known and safe. So with that being said,  I will work with you to get to the bottom of what is most important to you and how you can live your best life out of that understanding. 


Where to find me

Southwest Counseling: South Office: 141 W Davies Ave N # 105, Littleton, CO 80120 || North Office: 8120 Sheridan Boulevard b217, Westminster, CO 80003

Personal Training and Coaching: Online and in Denver, CO!


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Blog-"A discussion on Boundaries”



A common theme for myself and my clients this year has been the concept of boundaries. And oddly enough when I think of boundaries I think of what it must be like to create an evil character in a show or movie and the difficulty involved in writing them well. You see, it is really easy to write a character who is evil, one who is most definitely the worst person you could think of for a story. Often you see this in children's stories where evil is very clearly quite evil and good is very, very good.

But a truly well-written evil character is one who is developed enough so that you see the person isn't ALL evil. You can see a glimmer of "good" in them, maybe you even see honor or love or another redeeming quality. In the end though the "evil" character ends up making very painful decisions that cost the other  characters in the story and you feel the keen pain of your favorites.  

The nuance found in these characters is similar to the nuance I experience in setting boundaries. I see boundaries as being similar to a well-written "evil" character because oftentimes we want boundaries to always feel good and be lovely but they can be quite challenging and painful. Boundaries aren't all good and they aren't all bad either. They cause pain and they cause ease and comfort in an individual's life as well…..CONTINUE READING