Monday Mantra Magic

Many people begin a new journey in life with excitement and bravery. They confidently set out in the way that is before them and seem to think that they are capable of dealing with any issue that comes their way. This confidence is bolstered and seems to only grow until, of course, the bumps come and they are rudely shoved onto the struggle bus. 

I am able to write about these people because sometimes I am one of them. My journey leading up to mid terms I had some minor difficulties and stresses. Taking my midterm exams was an experience I do not remember with fondness, but I felt that I adequately dealt with the jostling they imposed upon me. The weeks after mid terms are a different story….

All of my momentum seemed to have come to a screeching halt and it felt like I was walking through molasses when I sat down to do a homework assignment.

[Cue the horn of the struggle bus beeping to come pick me up.]

Ahhh the struggles of the millennialist 

Ahhh the struggles of the millennialist 

This was frustrating and annoying to me. Why was I dealing with this issue? I was doing so well with staying on top of homework assignments before midterms! It is not fair that I have to deal with this right now.

As the chapters I needed to read continued to loom over my head, I decided it was time to take action. There is no time to play the victim when you are realistically taking responsibility for your life. This resulted in my creation of my mantra for this semester… “I signed up for this”

This mantra reflects my personal affinity towards my journey. I signed up for these classes and it is my responsibility to see them through to the end.  When the journey gets frustrating and progress seems painstakingly slow, figure out what may help motivate you to complete the task that is set before you.

A mantra has helped me, maybe it could help you too. 

Thanks for reading! 

Happy Monday!

p.s. This blog post was almost all about what I am reading right now! But I figured that would be boring for some people..Thus I have created a new tab that highlights what I am reading. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

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