Build Your Own Door

“If opportunity isn’t knocking, build a door”

I read that quote last night and it made me jump out of bed to grab a highlighter so that I could mark the page in the book I was reading.  Those words resonated so strongly with me, I knew I had to highlight them, put the quote into my phone, and tell a few friends. I love when quotes and words inspire me so much, I know that I must share them with other people so that they can be inspired as well.


Interestingly enough, opportunity is described as “a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances”.  So the possibility is created due to a mixture of occurrences, and I would venture to say we have a huge part in creating our own possibilities, which result in opportunities.  My favorite definition of possibility mentions the promising nature of the word, it is the idea that the action hasn’t been completed yet but there is a definite potential for greatness.


What would it take for you to live in possibility so that you could create your own opportunities?

Here are some of my best practices if you are stumped:


1. Start from scratch and figure out what it is that you really want. Imagine your life 10 years from now and think about if time, money, education, and experience didn’t matter at all what would you be doing? Think about what lights you up about your future self.


2.     Ask for help… Accountability, advice, money, time, a job. Do not be afraid to ask for someone’s assistance with your dreams!


       3.Write down your desired opportunity and then write down a to do list for your day (or week) that pertains to that goal. This helps me get centered on what is needed right now for me to achieve what I want.


It is not easy to build your own door and it requires hard work, but it is rare for the great opportunities to simply fall into your lap. Get moving! Build your door, you only have 10 months left of 2014.