The Benefits of a Good Cut

About two times a year, I do something really good for myself and get my hair cut. These cuts are no ordinary task. I have long hair so I can usually go for an extended amount of time in between cuts. Unfortunately this causes me to get attached to it (pun sort of intended) and when it comes time to cut my hair, I feel resistant.

This resistance came to my mind when my stylist asked that sometimes terrifying question… “How much do you want me to cut?” Now, in my previous experiences with hair stylists, your idea of “here” is VERY different from their idea of “here”, sometimes varying one to ten inches. #scary

But then I remembered that I actually trust my stylist to do a great job with my haircut and I know that he wouldn’t do anything to endanger the length of my hair. He is a long hair specialist, so he loves keeping my hair as long as possible!

This experience got me thinking… When do I show resistance to change in my life and why I am so resistance to the cutting? Sometimes the most powerful way for you to get great things to come into your life is by cutting out the crappy things and freeing space for the possibility of beauty. I find that I feel pretty awesome after my (much needed) cut, my confidence is high and I am ready to put on a great outfit and conquer the world. Why can’t this be the same for our daily lives? If we were willing to make the necessary cuts on a day-to-day basis, how great (and healthy) would our existence be?

I know what some of you are thinking now, “what about those times where I have gotten a rotten haircut and it almost ruined my next six months?”.  And I say that sometimes we have to deal with a couple of rough cuts before we find an amazing stylist who is trustworthy and incredible at their job.  Do you have people around you who are encouraging cuts in your life? Sometimes I can’t even tell when I need a trim and it takes a friend pointing out my crazy mop to get me to my hairdresser’s chair.

When it comes to our daily lives, I think we should always be ready to experience cuts. It’s not easy and it may take time for you to feel awesome afterwards, but it is definitely worth it.

Seek out those relationships that are genuine and worthy of your time; those relationships that will stimulate you to become a better person.

But remember, the cut starts with you sitting yourself down in the chair and being ready for change.

Amy Shenk1 Comment