The Lines in the Sand

Hello from my family vacation! I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to be able to spend almost an entire week with all seven of my siblings! My crazy/awesome/hilarious family is fun to be around and I would not trade my time with them for a lifetime supply of dark chocolate. (That is saying a lot)

While on the beach yesterday I chose to spend some of my time sprinting.. (I know, I know, I am that annoying person working out on vacation.. #hateme). Before I started my sprints I measured out about fifty meters and marked the distances with two lines in the sand, drawn with the heel of my foot.  When sprinting, it is important to know where you are coming from and know where you are headed. If those two lines were not drawn in the sand, my workout would not be as effective and I wouldn’t know when to push harder at the end.


Do you know where the lines in the sand are drawn with your goals and your life?

Have a clear starting point. When I set a goal I like to look at where I am at, that way I have a clear understanding of where my starting point is. Leveling yourself off at ground zero helps you feel refreshed and ready for the audacious goals you have set yourself up to achieve.


Know where you are headed. Even if you have qualms about setting goals, be specific about what direction you want your life to go. BE SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. Get outside of your comfort zone. Have fun.  Write your goals down often. Keep them fresh and alive in your head and heart.


Make sure that your lines in the sand are deep and memorable. Sometimes waves come in and try to wash away your goals, but if they are grounded enough, your lines will be clear and easy to read. Happy Goal Setting!



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