Simplify and Then Act



Last week I was given the opportunity to share the power of goal coaching with the other leaders at the store where I am employed. The last two and a half years of my life have been truly awesome. I love the emphasis on goals and self-development at lululemon and to be honest, it has changed my life.  As I was preparing for the training I was facilitating, I had one mantra that I keep playing in my head.. “keep it simple”.

Goals and life plans can get complicated. If we start creating goals to sound showy or impressive, authenticity is lost and pride may start to show through. I have struggled with over complicating my goals and life, but something I have learned is that sticking to simplicity can be powerful!  I urge you to keep it simple with your goals.

Start with your values and vision, this will keep you grounded and remind you of what really matters to your life. Values could mean a variety of things, i.e.; travel, relationships, learning, etc… A powerful vision can do wonders for goal setting. A vision helps you think about what you want your life to look like, goals take you there.

Remind yourself (and others) what you really want for your life and stick to your guns. If you are powerfully sharing what you really want (in an authentic way) people will listen and probably want to help you.

Write your goals down and keep them fresh by reviewing them often. Have the courage to stick to them if they are really important to you. But also have the wisdom to change them up if necessary.

My development into a simpler method of goal coaching and setting has helped me tremendously. I feel grounded, refreshed, and calm when I can clearly see what I really want out of life.


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Amy Shenk2 Comments