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Solid advice, dude. 

Solid advice, dude. 

The leather squeaked under my legs as I shifted nervously on the couch. One of my managers and I were having a meeting in the break room and our conversation had just shifted to real talk. In a kind and matter-of-fact way, Lew was asking me about my last days at lululemon and the legacy I was to leave behind. At the words, ‘legacy’ and ‘last day’ my mind went blank and I temporarily lost my ability to formulate a cohesive sentence. I couldn’t believe the time had already come for me to move on from my position as a Key Leader. Wasn’t it just Christmas???? Didn’t I just go through training to become a seasonal educator? Oh wait, that was over two years ago and now the time has come to put all I have learned about leadership, goal setting and coaching into practice.

 I once heard the word legacy to be described as what is left over when you are not there anymore (Thanks, Samma!). As I move on from lululemon and Houston, my legacy isn’t left in any process or fixture in the store or community. It is left in the people I have touched and loved here in this great city. Being a leader has given me the unique opportunity to connect with a lot of people and I love that I have been able to manage such a diverse group (AKA “the store with the weird ones”).  I am leaving a legacy of love, kindness, and goal setting to my coworkers and I am committed to being present, fun, empowering, interesting, weird, and inspiring up until my last day here. I am absolutely in love with my connections, community and friends here in Houston; and unlike many of Beyonce’s love interests, you guys ARE irreplaceable.   

What kind of legacy are you building for yourself? Change happens a lot quicker than you think and I encourage you to be prepared for it by knowing what you want to leave behind. 

Okay, let me explain:

A little over a year ago I put it on my goals sheet to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  And after praying, applying, writing, planning, goal setting, connecting, emailing, etc.. for 8-10 months, I have decided to move to Denver, Colorado to pursue my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! I am really excited for this transition and I know it will be very hard but also extremely beneficial to my future goals.

Choosing to move was not an easy decision. I almost decided to stay in Houston and attend a school here in town. But as I was deciding, I found myself drawn to the program in Denver and in the last few weeks, I have felt very confident about my decision to move to Colorado. God is truly directing my steps and I know he is guiding me in my choice. 

In the pursuance of this goal I feel nervous, excited, sad, happy, unprepared, and on edge. But I think that is how I am supposed to feel. My vulnerability causes me to rely on others and God in this difficult time. And, If I had it all figured out, it wouldn’t be quite the same adventure.

If you're considering a change, write down your goals and see where they take you! 

Happy Monday, friends! 


p.s. If you would like to connect with me (in person) while I am still in Texas, let me know! My move date is scheduled for the end of July... Which basically feels like tomorrow #panicmode.  

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