From Feelings to Foundation

Why do I write? Why do I seek to motivate? What is at the core of why you do that thing you do?

My vision includes inspiring people and making them laugh with my speaking and writing. It took me a while to get my vision down to that simple sentence. My friend Samantha talked about feelings and I loved how simply she encouraged us to write down the way that we wanted to feel in 2015.

I want to keep that simplicity and I also want to encourage you to dig deep and get the foundation built for your year. Why and how are you setting yourself up for success for 2015?

 I am certainly not affecting the masses with my writing (yet) and I am honestly completely okay with that. However, when I contemplate why I do what I do I realize that I am motivated not by the number of people reading my blog or by who I am able to motivate; I am lit up when an individual person feels affected by my actions and shares that information with me. This isn’t a prideful pat on the back; proclaiming my awesomeness.

Believe me, I know I have a lot of work to do. I simply think it is important to take a moment to examine your motives and search for why you are doing the things you do. Those comments and random texts from friends and emails from strangers continually motivate me to keep doing what I am doing, because I know that there is power in touching an individual’s heart.

When you are thinking about why you do what you do, I want to remind you that there isn’t a quick fix for creating your vision and foundation. It is certainly going to take some hard work and soul-searching on your part. So if this blog post has touched you and even encouraged a small spark in the back of your brain, I am so joyful. Thank you for reading this and helping me achieve my goals.


Amy Shenk2 Comments