I QUIT! (for now)

For the last year and a half I have pursued a degree that is in line with my vision and goals. I have learned amazing material and have endured the priceless experience of self development. I have learned more about my insecurities and fears than I would sometimes prefer but the time spent in grad school these past 18 months has been worth it. 

But for the next six months I have made the choice to quit school and focus on my vision for one of the most important decisions of life, marriage. Yep, throwing the M-word out there, pretty crazy right? Thanks to a friend, I was able to see that the best option for me is to take a season of rest so that I can focus on my relationship and how to set up that first year well. 

It was scary and so contrary to my nature to choose this rest, I know it will be the best thing for me right now but I already feel resistant to the ease it will bring. It is easy for me to wrap up my identity in the hustle, to equate my worth with what I have seemingly been productive with during that day (I wrote about this last week). But that is not who I want to be, my vision for myself is not someone who is dedicated to the unnecessary hustle. Don't get me wrong, I love hard work and I will set goals until I die, but I have to make sure my day to day life lines up with my vision and who I want to become. Taking this coming semester off feels wrong for my current self, but I think my future self will be grateful for it. 

Happy Monday! 

Amy ShenkComment