Patient Provision

Take in the sweet provision. 

Take in the sweet provision. 

Awkwardly, teetering in his high chair, he shoved the spoon away from his face. There were so many other interesting things to gnaw on instead of the nutrient-dense oatmeal that had been carefully prepared for him. Why should he eat food when his feet, hands, and that dirty paper towel look so appetizing?

We are often so much like this image. A babe who is covered in breakfast who chooses to suck on the strap holding them in their chair. 

We choose to fill up with things that are doing nothing for our true hunger. God seeks to fill us with warm, nourishing, and tangible food and we refuse his patient provision.

This week I am enjoying time away from my routine and the usual demands upon my mind. I am working to not push away the food that will help me grow into a better person.

I hope you can think of a way to do the same.


Amy ShenkComment