Keeping the Vision Alive

My footsteps clatter across the wood floor as I pass through the small and airy room, but my steps become silent as I walk across a soft, cream-colored rug. It is a warm and welcoming room with natural lighting, no fluorescent lighting is allowed. The bright windows light up the small space that has been built onto my house. The windows look out across a clear vista of blue sky and buildings.

I have a desk that is adjustable; I can sit to write or stand. There is comfortable couch where my clients can sit and share their concerns with me. Natural wooden side tables are placed around the room and there are dark green plants placed randomly around to give extra life to the space. A large wooden bookshelf houses many of my favorite volumes, ready to by taken down with ease and handed to a friend to read. My chair is my favorite space in the room. It is a navy blue velour fabric that keeps me soft and warm. I am comfortable enough to hear what my clients have to say and I can also read to my heart’s content in it’s arms...

Do you ever stop to think why you are doing what it is you do and where it is taking you? I often find myself in that place. I think it is important to do a check up every now and then, to see what your trajectory looks like. I found myself in a place of uncertainty as I sat down to write this post, (Why in the world do I write? I thought to myself.). As I was contemplating what it is that I should write about, I dug through some of my archives and came across this description of my ideal work space. Those two short paragraphs are a simple description of a vision I have for a future work space and reading through them allows me to peek through the heavy curtains of this season in time, into my potential future. 

When we have visions of what we want for our future, our current seasons can seem a lot more purposeful. And sometimes my visions even propel me to make changes in my life; course corrections happen to the best of us, right? Visions are not to be confused with illusions of grandeur. Notice my vision is simple, while still specific, and it invites the imagination to see beauty. It also involves a few of my passions; sitting with people amidst their problems, and writing. 

Visions allow me to get a taste of what I am working towards. They empower me to keep moving, and I am energized as a result. Have you considered your vision lately?

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P.S. Some science behind visions here


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