Mondays are for Unsolicited Relationship Advice

This art installation is located on the outside of the Denver Art Museum. I passed it on a walk yesterday and couldn't help but consider the words in bright blue. It tied in nicely with my blog topic for the week, relationships and needs in relationships. 

I am pretty convinced that if a person's list of what they look for in partner was accurate and completely truthful, the #1 thing listed would be "reads minds". Well, not mine, it would be my second. My first would be world-class chef and barista, #foodloveisreallove. I am sure that if we were to get our way, our partner would be able to know exactly what we want from them without ever needing to ask . Isn't that a nice and fanciful thought? Obviously mind reading isn't a realistic expectation to have on another human being, but we often treat each other with the whimsical hope that the other will be able to read our mind and know what we need and want

Selfishly I want this because it cuts down on the effort I exert in relationships, and it makes me think I won't have to actually verbalize my needs. #selfish #atleastIamhonest

It does not feel romantic to tell your significant other what you need/want, it feels awkward and cumbersome. Let's be real though, some of the healthiest relationships I have seen are filled with honest and awkward moments, where one ASKS for what they need. If our needs are in plain sight it is easier for someone to fulfill them. This is much easier said than done. Relationships require a lot of attention and work. Remind yourself to acknowledge the fact that your significant other, friend, mother, sister, brother, etc... cannot read your mind, you have to put your needs in plain sight. 

Happy Monday!   

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