Be careful, things are not what they seem.

Colorado is a wonderful place to live. The people, weather, and mountains are some of my favorite things and I definitely feel like I am in the right place. This weekend I had the opportunity to go camping with some friends. We drove through the mountains, up a rocky/gravely road,  and parked in a small lot. The lot was surrounded by beautiful mountains brimming with evergreens right up to the tree line where the mountains began to experience something akin to male pattern baldness.

We had arrived at Lake Urad and we were ready for a quick walk about the lake. About halfway through our walk, we stopped to take a look up the hillside; that is when that photo was snapped. The funny thing is, is that we were actually looking for an appropriate place for me to go pee. He wasn't directing my vision towards something beautiful just beyond the tip of the hillside; we were looking for a place for me to use the restroom in the outdoors. #backtoreality #whenyougottagoyougottago

It's really easy to show someone your pretty side and your pretty pictures with your pretty stories. It's even easier to do it on social media. But be careful what this assumption creates. I can easily seek to perpetuate the lie that I am not often struggling or sometimes sad or (always) imperfect. Let others into the not-so-good looking side of you, it may create some space for them to do the same. When this occurs you have the freedom to grow in your friendship and your connection can get deeper and more beautiful. 

And be careful that you are not assuming other people have it all together as a result of what you see. I have made this mistake before and it can be painful when you forget that others may be struggling even though the surface looks smooth and beautiful. 

Let's keep getting real, friends. 

Happy Monday! 


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