Consider the Little Things

Sitting somewhat awkwardly on the couch, it was time for a session I like to call "Another day another uncomfortable conversation with my fiance that begins with, 'this is silly but..." (Okay that is maybe a little long for a title but I am the only person who is responsible for this blog.) 

This past Saturday was one of those days. And even though the conversations often begin with the qualifier that what we are bringing up isn't THAT big of a deal to us, the result is worth the awkwardness.

When you catch the little things, it is not only beneficial to your mental health; you are allowing the trust and safety to be built up between the two of you to talk about the bigger topics of discussion. I even find that the little things (when piled up) can actually turn into arguments down the road. 

For some this may sound difficult and painful, confrontation is often vilified and when those little frustrations or thoughts creep into your heart, the rug looks so nice and appealing...Sweeping that topic under there won't hurt anyone, right? 


Consider the cost of sweeping your concerns under the rug and what that has done for your relationships with your friends/parents/siblings thus far? If we are consistently hiding from the little things that bother us, our hearts won't have space to bring up the (seemingly) more important things in the future. 

If you are fearful or have trouble believing me on this, start small. Start with a small number of people you trust and start with small things that pop into your head or tug at your heart. Example: "Hey I'm sorry if my comment made you sad", "I felt a weird vibe from you yesterday, are you okay?", "Can you check in with me before you tell mom what I told you? That was between us". 

Practice getting into the habit of sharing the little pieces of your heart, I bet there are a few people around you who are ready to listen, even if you feel a little ridiculous sharing it. 

Happy Monday! 

Amy ShenkComment