The Beauty of Books

A Place from a fairytale! New Zealand. 

A Place from a fairytale! New Zealand. 

This spring is a unique season for me as I am taking the semester off from grad school AND I am getting married. Two things that will probably never happen in conjunction again. I am committed to using my time off from school wisely and part of that includes reading some great books! What are you doing to maximize the free time that you have? 

Here is my list for the next four months: 

The Gift of Therapy- Irvin D. Yalom 

What Did You Expect?-Paul David Tripp 

Zero to One- Peter Thiel 

Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy 

Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert 

The Nightingale-Kristin Hannah 

What are you reading this quarter? 

Happy Monday! 

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