Where are you headed?

Link  to photographer, Gray Malin 

Link to photographer, Gray Malin 

"You have GREAT shoulders" a new friend gave me this kind compliment at my gym today. I was a little surprised to hear the comment and the way she said it almost made me feel like she thought I probably heard that all the time. I don't actually hear it often, but I had recently noticed a change in my shoulder strength and felt buffered by her encouragement.  

I contemplated her comment on my drive home. It was great to receive a compliment but it caused me to consider what the person who gives the compliment often sees...results. Sure, coaches and spouses and close friends might see some of the progress and process, but you are the only one who knows it all. It is easy to see the results in others, to see great legs or a strong back or 10 strict pull ups. We do not know the struggle and time it took to get the way they are. Often we assume they just popped into our lives, as a shining example of great abs.

Interesting enough, this post isn't about recognizing the struggle in the lives of others. I am reminding you of the (sort of) disheartening fact that other people do not really see your struggle. At least they do not see it with the intimacy with which you see it and feel it. Your journey is your own and you have to learn how to have your own vision for what you want to become. You are stuck with yourself for however long you are on this earth; consider becoming your best ally, coach, friend, and confidant. 

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