Breathe and Feel Alive

The weather has taken a turn down winter lane and snow has arrived in Denver, Colorado. And from what I hear from my native to Co. friends, the weather in this past week has been exceptional. AKA it has been exceedingly cold. Like stays in your hair and on your outside layer of clothes five minutes after you walk into warmth, cold. Negative degrees and inches of snow piled up on my car are just a few of the winter things I have experienced this week. Any guesses on what this native Texan thinks about walking around in negative temps?

Well, surprisingly enough, I have enjoyed the brisk and snowy weather. I love the way the air seems to be sharp and crystallized as you breathe it in. I love the way the snow crunches and squeaks under my feet. I love the adventure of experiencing my first snow on my own and waking up to see the mountains covered in a thick, white blanket of powdery gorgeousness. I love the way the snow sparkles in the sunlight but I prefer the heavy and cloudy afternoons where the snow seems to spill out of the swollen sky. In other words, I love winter.

What a strange turn of events, eh? Who would have thought that I would love the snow and the winter weather so much?

That is the beauty of new life experiences; we learn so much about ourselves that we never knew previously when we put ourselves into a vulnerable space.

Sure I had experienced winter weather before, and no I am not talking about Texas winter weather, but my previous stints with cold temps were only a short-term affair...They weren’t a, “oh I am LIVING here now” kind of thing.

So much can happen for you if you put yourself outside of your comfort zone. I took a risk moving to a state that experiences serious amounts of cold and snow, and this could have very well taken a turn for the worse. But the affinity I have developed for this space and this cold far away outweigh the cost of uprooting my life and moving here.

I am not saying that everyone is going to experience what I have experienced, but what I am saying is that it is worth the risk to see what will happen.

There is so much out there for you, my Monday reader, put yourself in the place where you can experience it and breathe in the sharp, refreshing, new air. 

Amy ShenkComment