A Realistic Dreamer

The frustration and joy that accompanies taking the small steps towards life-long goals can be extremely overwhelming.  I find myself becoming frustrated with the work that I have to do each day to accomplish my goals. Isn’t that lame? But I feel like it is something that most of us get frustrated with….We want the abs but we don’t want to do the thousands of crunches to get there, or restrain from eating that cupcake. Interestingly enough, that is exactly where the real steps are taken towards actualizing your goals. Setting your goals and creating a vision are definitely important but living out your goals each day is a painstakingly difficult process.

After a few years of setting goals, achieving some and failing miserably at others, I feel like I am finally understanding what it means to work towards your goals. My strength is that I am good at using my imagination to think up fun things that inspire me and I truly enjoy this aspect of my personality. Dreaming up an inspiring vision and set of goals isn’t easy for some people and I get that. Where the true work lies (for me) is in my daily grind and commitment to what I want to accomplish long term.

An article I recently read on positive thinking inspired me to get more realistic when I think about my goals. So through what I have learned from that article and from personal experience, instead of dreaming and thinking positively about the possibility of accomplishing what I want, I am inspired to realistically think about what it will take for me to accomplish my goals.

Being a realistic dreamer is what gets me out of bed in the morning to a 6am workout. I dream of being healthy into my old age, therefore I must think realistically about how to make that possible.  If you read last week’s post you remember that I don’t always make my 6am workouts, and I am okay with that. Being realistic means that you are okay with the potential for missing the mark because you know you are not going to hit the mark perfectly every time. This makes me excited for my future and inspires me to work harder to become a better version of myself. Get dreaming and get realistic! 

Happy Monday!

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