Don’t let short term traffic  keep you out of the road trip.

This season of my life feels a little bit like a nasty traffic jam. 

I have a lot of work to do and it is all converging on me at once. Only two weeks are left in the semester but I don’t want to wait until the two weeks are over to feel free. If we are always looking down and focusing on a small traffic jam, we will have difficulty visualizing the awesome road trip planned out ahead of us.  But I consistently struggle with being distracted by the traffic jam right in front of my face… My time with my family this weekend was a good reminder to disconnect from the little things that we won’t remember in a year or two and connect to the big things in our lives.

I am feeling a little low on gas right now and the best fuel for my trip is hustle and determination. Feeling stuck in this season is, I suppose, normal.. But it doesn't feel all that great.  I am in the midst of accomplishing a big goal of mine (grad school) and unfortunately it is taking a lot of my energy and time. The great thing is that I know it is worth it and that is making this trip worthwhile.

I hope you aren’t getting bogged down by the little things today, I hope you are taking a moment to remember what is really important.




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