Your Intrinsic Value is Worth more than Pleasing Others

Put on your hippie war paint and start thinking about the trendy euphemisms of this day and age because I am going to talk about being your most authentic self.

 The other day I realized that as we become more of our real authentic selves, our people pleasing tendencies are more likely to diminish. You cannot have both.  Through this season of growth I am slowly breaking out of the people pleasing mold. But I couldn’t help but think about the frustrating impact people pleasing has on one’s life; and I realized that it aggravated me to think about the times in my life where I had let it run rampant.

People pleasing diminishes who we are called to be and if you want to grow and develop, you cannot be a people pleaser at the same time. If we are constantly looking to others for validation and approval, our intrinsic worth is diminished, as we are seeking our value in something extrinsic. This method of living is broken and marked by difficulty and frustration.

I want to encourage you to be courageous enough to build up your intrinsic worth and be yourself. (This blog post has been incredibly cheesy and I don’t even care because I am finals week loopy)

Courage for me is probably different from what it looks like for you…I know that I am being courageous when I speak up and share my opinions and challenge the opinions of others (with kindness and love <3, #hippielife). Through this season of my life I am learning how to unapologetically be the best version of myself and I am gathering evidence that I am headed in the right direction.



Why so short? I could probably write a book about this stuff but unfortunately two finals are calling my name.  

Message me or comment with any questions you may have.



 p.s. a cool article about intrinsic and extrinsic values

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