Your Time is a Precious Resource



A new season of life is beginning for me and with it comes a need to reallocate my time and resources. Through some advice I received from a friend, I calculated how I would be using my hours in the week (there are 168).  So 49 go to sleeping, 20 go to working, 12 go to classes, etc.. If you are interested in seeing where you are spending your time, I would recommend this activity! It is very intriguing.


The simple act of writing down where my time goes has caused me to become very aware of the way I am spending this precious resource. I know I can speak for many when I say sometimes (more like always) you feel like you need more time.  AND it is far more effective if we stop wishing we had more of something and start using what we have been given.  I know I am always inspired by those who are able to get so much done in the same amount of hours as me. So I am committed to inspiring others by saturating my life and time with worthy activities. When I am bored I am so quick to go to Facebook or Instagram, and while these are fun ways to connect and share, they are not an effective use of my time.

Obviously there is a need for rest and relaxation and I am not proposing we run our selves into the ground with tasks. Nor am I going to delete my FB or Grams...  Rather, I am passionate about greatness and an aspect of being great is powerfully using time in a wise and effective manner. There are only a few hours left in your day! How are you going to make the most of your Monday/day?   

Love ya! Sharing is caring.. xoxo

Amy ShenkComment