Friday's Journey

Goal bike rack 

Goal bike rack 

A sunny and breezy morning heralded my Friday and I began my bike ride with excitement. My route seemed easy enough, and along the beginning of my trip I would occasionally stop and take a glance at my phone to make sure I was on the right track. As I progressed along my journey it took a little longer than I expected and I experienced some bumps along the way. 

 I got lost a few times, almost gone run over by a Subaru, and arrived at my destination dripping in sweat. Three things I wasn't planning on happening. Well, the Subaru thing is almost a weekly occurrence so that didn't really surprise me. They. are. everywhere.

I realized as I was stressfully biking towards my destination that my trip looked so much easier when I routed it at the inception of my journey.  But, the straight shot up Broadway didn't work out so well because traffic was terrifying and I opted for a lesser traveled road. Unfortunately that road wasn't paved very well and I had to focus on the ground to make sure I didn't pop a tire. None of that crap was in my intended route.. 

This intended bike route got me thinking. What if that is what our lives look like to other people? They only see the high level view of your life and not many get to experience the pains and bumps on the road that you feel and see. What if that is the way we see other people's lives? Your view of someone else's route is not a comprehensive picture of what their lives actually look like. Many are fighting battles we know nothing about. Remember this as you set out for your day and interact with those around you. 


Happy Monday! 

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