New Tabs, New Life

You may notice the new page tabs on the main page of my website. I did this because I felt like it would give people a chance to view some of my older posts and it would help me feel more organized as a person. I've been feeling a little down about my blog lately because I have not been able to give it as much attention as I usually do. So I woke up a little earlier this Monday and did a little revamping. Let me know what you think of the tabs! I always welcome feedback. 

My favorite tab is the addition of my Vision and Goals. As you probably know I am very passionate about setting goals and I have chosen to share what I want to be up to in the future for a few reasons....

  • I am determined to be held accountable.
  • I love to share.
  • I want to inspire and be an example.

We are all capable of so much more than we think! I believe that powerful things can happen from creating a vision and writing down what you want in the next few years. 

Happy Monday! It is going to be a great day and you are ready NOW.  


Amy ShenkComment