Ill Prepared for Success

Time Magazine Photo

Time Magazine Photo

Are you prepared for the achievement of your goals?

I feel like I might talk a lot about failure, and I am sure that is helpful. However I can’t help but think about how we are prepared for our success.

I have found that in the last few weeks I have experienced some success; I was slightly prepared for part of my success but I laughed to myself as I realized how ill prepared I was for one of my goals.

 I set the goal to write for three other blogs and through some networking and random luck, I was able to connect with two blogs and orchestrate when I was going to write for them this month. Great, right? I was really stoked to get the opportunity to write for my friends; it is so encouraging to have great people who are willing to let you post on their websites (thanks, Sam and Pei). My third opportunity to write came when I got asked to submit a small piece for the culture portion of Denver Seminary’s Magazine.  Yay! I was on my way to achieving my goals, growing as a person and a writer, this was going to be great...  and then I went to achieve my goal and I had/ have writers block. Oh, that is what it feels like.

I realized that I had not set myself up for success. Sure, I thought that maybe my writing for the other blogs would have been more spread out (that’s a great excuse, right?) and maybe I wasn’t quite prepared to submit something to the magazine. However, if we are so engrossed in the possible failure of our goal that we don’t think past the creation of the goal itself, we are potentially hamstringing ourselves.

Obviously I am speaking from some recent experience in this area so please hear me when I say, prepare for your success and think past the creation of your goal setting. Think about the ramifications of your success and what it brings.

Prepare for the parade.


p.s. Pei and Samma, I am on it! Y'all pray for the DenSem article tho.