S U R P R I S E... I Wrote a Blog Post About Goals

I do not know where this is from, can you help me find the origin? 

I do not know where this is from, can you help me find the origin? 

Reporting live to you from the goal setting sweat shop that is my nook of a bedroom… Currently I am fulfilling two of my January goals as I write this blog post.

Goal 1: write this blog post. #totesgotthis

Goal 2: Go through ALL of my clothing and toss what does not bring me joy.

What does this mean? I literally piled all of my clothing into a huge mound on the floor. I then sat next to said pile and picked up each item into my hands and asked, “Does this bring me joy?”- If the answer was no or maybe (which is basically a no), the item was tossed. Not going to lie, I almost lost it when I realized how attached I was to a white Abercrombie vneck from circa 2007. Time to grow up and get out of the pit-stained tee, Shenky.

This should probably embarrass me more than it does. 

This should probably embarrass me more than it does. 

Four bags of clothes later, I felt pretty satisfied with myself. Some will be sold but most of them will hopefully go to a better home and this makes me quite pleased.  It is rather nice to start out a new year with a cleared closet and even though my adventure sucked (big time) I would definitely recommend it. Side note: When it came time for me to pile all of my clothes into the mound, I got super intense about it and I probably got a little dramatic. But I couldn’t stop. Even my roommates felt the intensity.

New goals are fun but I also wanted to take this blog post to talk about my 2014 goals and where I stand with what I said I wanted to accomplish in the Vision and Goals section of my blog.

·      I am happy to say that my writing will be featured on two other blogs before the end of January! I had this set for December 2014 and I probably could have hit that mark but I was happy to wait until the end of January to accomplish it. Look to social media for the links. 

·      A plan for paying off my student loan debt is in the works. I would rather not continue to accrue interest whilst in grad school. 

·      I am seriously SO CLOSE to the splits. I know I will have them in the next few months and I am sure I will blog about it when I do get them because it will be such a momentous occasion for me (and my hamstrings).

·      My GPA was pretty stellar this semester, not gonna lie. That whole “Have a respectable GPA without killing myself” was harder than I thought it would be. However, my hard work paid off and I am excited for what I will accomplish in the coming semester of schoolwork.

I am giving you an update on my goals because I want to stay honest with you and keep you in the know about my failures, missed opportunities, and wins. I want to encourage you to consider setting goals. There are three things that help me when I am working towards greatness, I try to keep it simple and stick to these three.

1.     Write out a clear vision. Think about where you see yourself and how you see yourself when you have accomplished a certain goal.

2.     WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS. I can’t say this enough. Write your goals down and keep them in a visible spot.

3.     Ask for accountability. (From people you trust  #duh)

I know goal setting isn’t for everyone.. However, if you are going to do anything, I would encourage you to write down what you want. It can certainly have an effect on you, I know from experience that it has had an effect on me.

Happy writing and let me know if you have any questions.

p.s. More outfits like this in 2015 please. 

from thesartorialist.com 

from thesartorialist.com 

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