Feeling Tongue-Tied

Image from  Samantha Bivenour  

Image from Samantha Bivenour 

Sitting here this Monday, I have a lot to reflect on and consider from my weekend activities. If you are not connected with me on Facebook or Instagram, my love, Kyle asked me to marry him and I said yes! If you are wondering why you have not heard from me about this human being, why I have not written about our relationship and the many crazy, awesome, hilarious, fun, painful, freeing, and loving interactions we have had; you are on the same level as me, since I am not sure why I have not either! I was talking to a friend about this issue (she happens to also be a writer) and she encouraged me to consider what it is like to just do it, to just write about he and I. 

It is odd to feel something of a block about he and I. Honestly I think it is because he is so special to me, it is difficult to connect the dots in my mind and form the words. The simplest story about us causes me to go a little tongue tied (at least when writing) and I go a little blank. 

Real relationships and real life are so different from the expectations you bring to the table or what you hear from other people. No one told me that I would feel this way and I never heard that I would lose my ability to express words to share what I am actually feeling. 

While it is frustrating, it is also freeing and encouraging (my lack of words). My path along this road of commitment and, uh... (marriage?? #thatsweirdtotype) is going to look different and yet sometimes the same as others.

I think I am learning in this season that there is value and beauty in acknowledging the things in life that leave us a little speechless.  

More to come...



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