High Roads and Goals

I hate the hard road. Doing something more difficult often takes more time is more challenging and is more painful. I hate the hard road. It means I choose to pursue my relationship with Kyle over my selfish desire to seem strong. The hard road means more toil more difficult conversations more honesty. It means I close all of the tabs on my computer except for this one. Choosing the hard road includes sticking to my guns and pursuing this goal. I hate the hard road; its a difficult path to follow as I weed my way through criticism and contempt (mostly from my own brain at this point). My inner critic is often my worst enemy on the road, it gripes about the bumps and the incline or the slippery gravel. 

Learning the power of sticking to a goal and shutting out the inner critic are two of the most important lessons I have learned on this journey. I know that to become a better writer I must write. And my goal to write once a week keeps me accountable to that. 

Sometimes I write great things and other times I write this. The important thing right now is that I do not, not necessarily whether I am good at it or not. 

What goals are keeping you up at night? Is there something burning in the back of your mind that you want to get started on but don't know how? Contact me to get started, don't wait for January 1st. The hard road is a pain but the hassle pays off. 

Thanks for sojourning with me thus far, friend. Let's stick to the high road together, yeah?  


Amy ShenkComment