THE Chance of a Lifetime!

I pondered this statement throughout my week. I wondered at what it takes to be happy. How do you know when you’re happy? How do you know how you got there? Sometimes I am surprised by happiness, surprised by its effortlessness.

I believe that most of the time my happiness comes from hard work and strategic investment. I generously donate my time and resources toward things that fill me up and bring me joy. This intentional living is expensive, but not necessarily in a monetary way.. We all know that money doesn’t bring you happiness..Or is that something everyone tells grad students to make them feel better about the status of their savings account?

Either way, I thrust my heart and soul into things I deem a good investment. Often times I see a return, but sometimes the deal goes a little sour….

This is where it gets tricky.. Glittering in the corner of our vision we are tempted by a really great deal, something that looks like it will have a huge return on investment. But then it doesn’t quite work out the way that you planned it. There is a failure even though there was great possibility and vision. 

Throwing all of your eggs into one basket is dangerous not only in fiscal terms but also in the sense of your identity capital.

Too often I have seen myself and others put far too much of an investment in one area of life (relationships, sports/fitness, education, work, etc..). 

I am wondering what it would look like if we made sure to watch our investments and keep a close eye on any deals that may sound too good to be true.

It’s unlikely that we will go through life and never have a worthless investment, but oftentimes it is easier to restore and refresh when your assets are spread out and your identity capital is rich and cultured. It is certainly worth it to invest, but it is also wise to do a little research before doing so. 

Happy Monday, invest well.


-Your favorite [relational] broker

Amy Shenk1 Comment