Appreciate the Precipitation

As we emerge from wintery weather to spring amazingness here in Denver, I am enthralled at the greenery that faithfully springs from the ground and tree branches. The seasons shift and sometimes we are shocked by the fact that all of a sudden, one day it is spring. The change seemed to happen overnight and even if you like the snowy weather, it is pretty fantastic to feel the warm ground under your bare feet again.

Our observations of the lives of others can oftentimes look like this. We are tracking along with people and then all of a sudden a change occurs and they are off and running. We get frustrated by our own lives because we don’t see that change happening so quickly, they seemed to get what they wanted overnight. 

Even though we may see it from that perspective sometimes, I don’t think that is the way it actually is. Change requires patience and nurturance; it must be fostered if it is going to occur. Change is difficult to attain, and it requires a significant amount of energy. In the same way that we need the precipitation for our spring abundance, we also need our souls to be irrigated in order to experience growth.

 Sometimes the winter months can seem longer than usual, sometimes a snowstorm roars across a beautiful week and you’re left wondering why there is ice on your car again.

This is all a part of the process.

My hope for you is that you let your soul experience the irrigation. Sometimes it feels like too much, but maybe it is preparing our hearts for a long, hot summer that will test our endurance and strength. Maybe you will come to appreciate the precipitation. 

Amy ShenkComment