How Does Your Garden Grow?

As spring invites growth and beauty in Colorado, I cannot help but think about the wonderful gardens my mom had while I was growing up. In the cold months before the true warmth of spring arrived, my mother would begin to cultivate her seedlings, storing them in warm pockets of our home. With careful consideration and concern she would gingerly plant the tiny growths into the ground, praying that we would yield a bountiful harvest.

The work didn’t stop at the first planting, though. She would dutifully weed, water, and do her best to naturally keep pests away from the budding produce. Sometimes she succeeded and we had more vegetables than we could handle. Other times the deer got the better of our bounty and we would have to shrug and say, “Better luck next time.”

I have fond memories of helping my mom and I remember that I was always impressed by her hard work and dedication to her garden. To this day I love to sit in her kitchen with her and taste the fresh green juice from her veggies.

In the same way that my mother has to cultivate her garden, we must learn to cultivate our creativity. I know I have had multiple conversations with my mother about “green thumbs” and how she believes that anyone can do what she does, it simply takes hard work.

This is the way we must approach our own creativity and wonder.

I am sure it sounds counter-intuitive to say that creativity takes a lot of effort and work and I believe that many of us are quick to say that we are simply not creative.

You are missing out on reaping the rewards of creativity if you are quick to say that you do not have it inside of you.

I encourage you to cultivate creativity within your own life and understand that there may be dormant artist inside of you.

You may have a green thumb after all. 

Amy ShenkComment