Sneaky Savasanas and Lessons Learned

This is Darcy the Flying Hedgehog 

This is Darcy the Flying Hedgehog 

My favorite yoga teacher in Denver is a fantastic instructor. He facilitates a class with ease and I am continually surprised by his ability to make an hour-long class fly by; which often leaves me perplexed and also more flexible #notmadaboutit.  

He has a fantastic way of teaching and breaking down the most intense of poses, but we all know one of the best poses in yoga is the one where you get to have a five minute nap on your mat. If you have ever taken a yoga class you know what I am referencing; the beauty of the last posture, savasana. 

Interestingly enough, my teacher likes to shake things up a little and give us a sneaky savasana towards the end of the class. Whene he employs the sneaky savasana it's not quite time for the real savasana yet, but he likes to test us and see how quickly we can relax into the posture. It really threw me off when he did this the first time. I was simultaneously annoyed yet intrigued. During the few seconds that we are in the short and sweet mini savasana, he encourages us to see how quickly we can shut down and calm our minds. 

My teacher challenges us (surprisingly through savasana) to test ourselves and see how quickly we could relax into the pose. It took me a class or two, but I finally got the hang of what it looked like to shift my mind to relaxation when it came time for the sneaky savasana. 

This lesson I learned, the lesson of how to quickly engage (or disengage) into a posture is something that I have employed in my life this weekend. Thursday I finished my first year of grad school (woohoo!), but this Monday marks the beginning of a two week intensive (AKA 5 hours of class a day). Therefore, I had to quickly shift into a space of relaxation before two weeks of.. fun... This is an important lesson to be aware of because there are seasons of life where we do not have the opportunity to take an extended savasana whenever we would like. We often must learn to find rest even during the stress of the busy season. 

Happy Monday, see if you can take a sneaky savasana today. xoxo 

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