Monday Thievery

In the past few weeks I have been participating in a class at my gym that is more technically difficult than any workout I have done in the past. I have been the quintessential "new girl" in the class and therefore have felt like I am ten steps behind everyone else. Please, no pity... I have chosen this position and although I may begrudgingly admit it, it has been really good for me. 

The class has not only been physically demanding, the mental battle has been tough as well. Theodore Roosevelt's quote, "Comparison is the thief of joy" is extremely applicable to my current situation. I would even go further to say that comparison can be the thief of your change or development. If you are constantly looking at all that you cannot do, or you are looking at what others are able to accomplish, it is only hurting yourself. I have had to give myself some serious, in the moment, attitude checks as I work through progressions during my workouts. Unfortunately I am often not able to do what the entire class is able to do. It would be easy for me to complain about that fact, but it would not help me get stronger. 

Trying to avoid comparison can be difficult, but it is so important to remember that your journey is your own. When you feel yourself looking over your shoulder at what others are doing, send them a word of encouragement and then give that same encouragement to yourself. Your race looks different than theirs and if you were to ask them, they probably have things that they struggle with as well. Mondays can be rough and it's easy to think that other people don't have it as hard as you do; but you are not doing yourself any favors by getting a crick in your neck from looking over at a neighbor. Keep looking forward and run the race set before your own feet. 

Amy ShenkComment