Know Your Limits

I like this picture, so I posted it. If you know of the artist, let me know so I can give them credit!

I like this picture, so I posted it. If you know of the artist, let me know so I can give them credit!

You will see it every day, all over the internet. The fitspo (Fitness Inspiration) world can be overwhelming. Most of the pictures involve a naturally thin but muscular girl drinking a smoothie without a shirt while running; all very important aspects of training, especially when done at the same time [Disclaimer, I love smoothies and girls with muscles, but I hate running..just FYI]. The pictures also usually include some kind of inspirational word or phrase. As many of you know, I am very passionate about fitness and nutrition; so I do not really have much of a problem with fitness inspiration. The point where I get concerned is when the posts pressure or push people to go past their limits to achieve their "dreams" of having something really painfully difficult, i.e., a six-pack. Never mind that having a (healthy) six-pack is mostly dependent on genes and a very strict diet. Just push yourself past your limits, that will be the answer. 

This is dangerous side of fitspo, the part where people simply get told to push past their limits can be frustrating to see. Injuries, pain, and overtraining can occur when you are not aware of your limits, or if you are constantly seeking to push past them. Obviously I am all for consistent, good training, but that does not mean you need to listen to everything on the internet. Learning to push yourself is an important aspect of training and that comes from knowing your limits and when to say no.  

This fact of knowing your limits does not only apply to fitness.  I consistently have to work at not overcommitting myself; learning to say no is one of the most valuable things you can learn. When you know how to say no, whether it is for the health of your body or your mind, your yes will be so much more powerful. 



LOL no. Please do not. 

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