What Can You Create Under the Right Circumstances

Photo from the @freepeople instagram account. 

Photo from the @freepeople instagram account. 

A few months ago I heard a story on NPR. The story was about a rancher who was attempting to sustainably farm his land. He decided to have chickens on his farm land to fertilize and cultivate the property. Unfortunately (fortunately?) with thousands of chickens on his farm, he attracted almost a hundred bald eagles to his property. In his effort to harmoniously live with nature and farm his property well, he got more than he bargained for. 

I was so intrigued by this story; a protected and (previously endangered) creature is now in great supply on this man's property. Under the right circumstances, an array of eagles arrived to snack and roost. 

This got me thinking about what can happen for us humans when the right circumstances are present. In extreme cases, a mother is able to experience herculean-like strength when her child is in danger. A man is faced with a life-changing diagnosis and all of sudden has an amazing ability to connect with others and learn about what truly matters. 

Obviously those are extreme examples and I am not here to encourage you to put you or any loved ones in dangerous situations just to prove your strength. But what if we could (mentally and physically) harness a quarter of that strength or even an eighth of that emotional connectedness. What circumstances need to be present to change the way you operate? 

We often think that certain aspects of life are unattainable for us. We tell ourselves "there is no way I could run a 5k right now" or "I have zero energy or capacity to connect with (insert important human in your life here)". But what if that isn't true. What if you could harness a little bit of energy to create space and change in your life. Our capacity is far greater than we could imagine, but the motivation and activation piece are the hardest part of the equation. So how do we, like the rancher, create the correct circumstances for growth and change? 


Just so you know, I believe that a counseling relationship can be a powerful catalyst for creating a circumstance that encourages personal development. Getting an outside opinion about how you are living your life can be intimidating, but if done in the correct way, it can initiate tremendous results. Counseling is not necessarily only about processing depression or anxiety, it is about encouraging the creation of the right circumstances to enable change and growth in the individual or couple. 

But I also believe that part of life is about what you are choosing and what you are taking responsibility for (either too much or not enough). So maybe you aren't ready for counseling or it truly isn't the right option for you. I think you can still change and grow, you can pursue the right circumstances and see what happens when you tap into that hidden energy reserve or capacity for connection. 


Counseling isn't the only way to initiate change, a simple way to get increase your motivation or get in touch with activating your goals is to connect to your values AKA what is most important to you. Health, Connection, and Financial Stability are some of my values; frequently reminding myself of these helps me stay motivated and moving. You can connect to your values through multiple mediums, but a way I like to do it is to sit down and thoughtfully consider what is most important to me. I do this after visualizing who I want to be in ten years or by talking with my partner and close friends. 

Here is a podcast about values, and here is a blogpost with a worksheet linked. They might be helpful as you begin your journey to a more connected and integrated self. And if you need some extra support, you know who to contact ;). #shamelessplug 

Let me know what you think! 

Where will your feet take you today? Its up to you to choose your path and initiate the right circumstances. 

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