My Love/Hate Relationship with Timehop

"Hi. I'm here to make you feel like sh*t" 

"Hi. I'm here to make you feel like sh*t" 

I have recently downloaded the app called "Timehop". Not only does this application have an adorable dinosaur for a mascot, it also shows you images, posts, and status updates from your social media accounts from previous years. At first this app made me anxious and sometimes disappointed because I felt as though I was not achieving enough in the year since that random photo was taken. Also, thanks Timehop for reminding me of that time I found an albino squirrel on campus at UT. #thatwasnecessary

Do you ever find yourself looking back and wondering what happened to the past 12 months? The passage of time can be a scary and difficult thing to process. I often find myself feeling anxiety when I think about how quickly my first year of graduate school went. Or how long it has been since I became an aunt for the first time. Or where the months of June and July went. 

I have sat in these feelings for the last few months, wondering how I can make sure that I am aware of the passing of time but not necessarily become neurotic about it. I've come to the understanding that it is okay to feel a little bit of healthy awareness about the quick passage of time. It is also necessary to have grace on myself and understand that I obviously cannot slow things down, but I can soak in each moment I get and live a full life. So, yes it has been a year since I began grad school and while it is crazy to think about how fast it has passed, I can look back and see my progress and the fruit that has come from it. 

If you do not have the lovely app I will ask you myself; where were you a year ago on this Labor Day? What did you want to accomplish in 2014? Timehop doesn't ask that, but I am more goal oriented than their dinosaur. 

Look back at how you have you have used 2015, and think about what you want to do with what is left. With these last four months, I am going to write down what I want to see happen and how I want to grow and I encourage you to do the same. 

Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day! 

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