An Open Letter to My Friends with Birthdays this Year

Dear Friends, 

The summer season is wearily transitioning into the crisp and fresh autumn and I cannot help but think about our transition into a new age. Birthdays have not always been my favorite thing to celebrate, I used to loathe being a fall baby. School supplies were often inevitably given to me as birthday gifts and my dreams of having a pool party were never achieved. Indeed, quite the dismal experience for an awkward eleven year old #firstworldproblems.

As I aged I began to appreciate the season of fall, I found solace in the changing of seasons and accepted the shifts. Friend, I hope same for you. Embracing our strengths as we grow and change can be a strong combatant against the pain of aging. Age can be relative; though I may seem young to most adults I am quite ancient when the opinion of children is sought. I am still adjusting to a season of acceptance of my years, so hear me when I say we are in this together.

I am encouraging you to let your age show. Your years of experience (no matter how short they may seem to you) are of value to those around you. I feel that there is always someone who is in need of your expertise. It is easy to say to ourselves "I am too young, no one will listen to me", interestingly, I think many older adults would also say "I am too old, no one wants to hear from me". Do you see how easily we invalidate ourselves?  Step into the confidence of your current age and open your eyes to those who may need to hear your voice. 

You are a beautiful example of a broken and healing human, I do not think enough people tell you that. Happy Birthday

"The compensation of growing old is that the passions remain as strong as ever, but one has gained - at last!- the power which adds the supreme flavour to existence, - the power of taking hold of experience, of turning it around, slowly, in the light." -Virginia Woolf
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